PEI Hunter Safety Course


Lead and the Shotgun

To be able to hit a moving target, a hunter must learn several firing methods - and with each one, the hunter sees a target, shoots ahead of it and follows through with the shotgun in constant motion.

Let's start by looking at the swing-through method. When using this method you must consider several factors:

  • From clay pigeons to live game, your target has a particular speed.
  • It will take time to find the moving target in your field of vision, and set up for the shot.
  • Once you're in proper stance and you've slapped the trigger, there is a delay in firing your shot, due to the sequence of the firing pin striking the cartridge, the powder charge igniting and the shot starting to travel down the barrel.
  • When the shot leaves the barrel, it takes time for it to travel to a target. The farther away a target is, from the hunter, the longer it takes for the shot to hit it.
  • It is very important to continue swinging your shotgun after the shot. This process is called the follow-through.

Step 1.

Hunter sees target. Starts to swing.

Step 2.

Swings through target, pulls the trigger, and continues the swing, spreading shot in front of target.

Step 3.

Target and shot come together as the hunter follows through.