PEI Hunter Safety Course


Ground Blinds

These are temporary structures that a hunter sets up before hunting season begins. Ranging in size from a single-person blind to a miniature shed-like structure that can house up to three hunters, ground blinds can be a lot of fun to use. The advantage of a ground blind is that a hunter can sit inside it and be hidden from the sight of game animals. They are very effective when set up in areas of known game travel lanes and on the edges of crop fields and overgrown areas. Pop-up or manufactured ground blinds that are enclosed with a roof are good anytime. If it rains or is windy, a hunter is protected from the elements. The disadvantage of a ground blind is if the game animals cannot see the hunter, neither can other hunters. For your safety, it is important that any ground blind be clearly marked with blaze orange to let others know that someone is inside or around the ground blind.