PEI Hunter Safety Course


Chapter Summary

Here are the important points you should take from this chapter.


  • Always wear a Fall Arrest System/Full Body Harness.

Read Instructions

  • Always read and carefully follow manufacturer's instructions when using a treestand and any treestand safety equipment.


  • Inspect your treestand and FAS/FBH before each use.

Unsafe - use haul line!

  • Never climb a Treestand with your firearm or gear. Always use a haul line to get your firearm into the stand once you are settled.

 Permanent Treestand 

  • Never use a homemade or permanent treestand. They can be very unsafe, and the nails used to set up can cause damage to the tree and your safety equipment.

 Exceed Weight 

  • NEVER exceed the weight limit specified by the manufacturer. This includes the weight of you AND your equipment.

 Emergency Signal 

  • Always carry an emergency signaling device in case you fall and need to be rescued.