Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


Rifle and Shotgun Parts

7. Magazine

Acts as a storage device for cartridges or shot shells. The magazine can be either tubular (tube that runs underneath the barrel) or a detachable box-type (shown above).


8. Breech

The end of the barrel, opposite to the muzzle.


9. Chamber

The part inside the barrel where the ammunition is loaded and ready to be fired.


10. Trigger

When pulled, the trigger releases the firing pin that hits the primer on the cartridge.


11. Trigger Guard

Helps protect the trigger from being accidentally pulled.


12. Grip

The part of the stock that is held by the shooting hand when the hunter is positioned to fire.


13. Comb

This is the top most side of the stock. In some cases, the comb might be raised from the stock, and is known as a cheekpiece.


14. Butt

The end of the stock that is braced against the shooter's shoulder when taking a shot. The butt can be made of wood, plastic, or various other materials designed to reduce the amount of recoil felt by the shooter.