Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


Hunter Ethics

The future of hunting depends on you. There are many people who are looking very closely at hunters and hunting behaviour, including other hunters. How we behave, and how other people see us, will determine whether or not hunting will continue as a way of life.

What guides our behaviour is something called ethics. An ethic is...

  • a set of values associated with a culture or group
  • distinction between right and wrong
  • moral duty
  • obligation to society and community

Hunting with Others

When hunting with others, safe hunters might occasionally find themselves in the presence of unsafe or unethical hunters. It is your responsibility to follow the rules of firearm safety as well as the guidelines of hunter ethics, and to insist that everyone who hunts with you follow them as well. If the unethical or unsafe behaviour continues, you should refuse to hunt with them, and refuse to be around them if firearms (loaded or unloaded) are present. Also, any violation of game laws should be reported to authorities, no matter who the offender might be.

Every wildlife habitat certificate, big game licence, game bird licence, migratory bird permit and fur licence is valid ONLY FOR THE PERSON IT IS ISSUED TO. Allowing someone else to carry and hunt with your licence, or using someone else's licence to hunt is poor sportsmanship and illegal at all times.