Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


The Landowner

Hunter ethics are important to the continued access to private land in Saskatchewan. In many countries hunting is done only by the very wealthy who can afford to pay for access to private land. In Saskatchewan, hunting is a privilege which can be enjoyed by all. Consider that most Saskatchewan hunting is done on private land and you quickly realize how important hunter ethics are. The careless action of a few inexperienced or uneducated hunters can shut off access to land for everyone, including yourself.

There are many things that hunters can do to improve our relationship with landowners. As a hunter, the ultimate compliment to your hunting ethics is when a landowner invites you back. This is a situation we should all strive for.

Asking Permission

The place to start is by asking permission to hunt on private land. This is where your respect for the landowner starts. Take some time to talk with the landowner and you will be taking the first step to showing yourself as a responsible, ethical hunter.

Here are some things to do to help improve hunter-landowner relations.

Do ...

  • Ask permission to hunt on private land.
  • Introduce yourself and offer a handshake.
  • Talk to the landowner well in advance.
  • Offer to help the landowner.
  • Tell the landowner how many will be hunting and what you intend to hunt.
  • Accept his or her answer to your request whether it is a yes or no.
  • Always thank the landowner for his time.

Hunting on Private Land

A great number of Saskatchewan's wildlife is found on private land. Hunting on private land is a privilege. If this privilege is abused, landowners will post their lands with "No Hunting" signs. When you hunt on private land, it is in the interest of all hunters, as well as yourself, to keep the following regulations in mind. 

  • No person can hunt within 500 meters of an occupied building or corral without the landowner's consent.
  • It is illegal to hunt on posted land without first obtaining permission from the landowner. Remember, as a responsible hunter, you should always ask permission to hunt on private land.
  • It is illegal to dig a pit or leave a pit open without permission from the landowner.
  • It is illegal to hunt from a windmill without permission of the landowner.
  • Do not drive across cultivated fields.