Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


Wildlife Identification

In order to determine if a shot is legal and ethical, you must first be able to properly identify that animal. Wildlife identification is a necessary skill for all hunters. Before heading out for a hunt, you should not only study up on the animal you are hunting, but also on the other animals you might encounter. For additional information on wildlife identification in Saskatchewan, refer to the Wildlife Identification Appendix following this chapter.

Big Game (large mammals)

Big game animals include animals such as deer, moose, elk, bear, antelope and caribou. These large mammals will usually bear young once a year, or in rare cases once every few years. They are found in various habitats, but always in wild or semi-rural areas. It can be difficult to distinguish males from females, though in most cases females will be a little smaller than the males.

Most provinces will have very specific regulations on hunting big game, including different seasons for the methods in which you are allowed to harvest the game. Always consult local regulations well in advance of the hunting season to find out about limits, dates, firearm restrictions, tagging and transporting requirements, etc.

IMPORTANT! It is illegal to shoot a sow bear with cubs.