Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


Appendix A

Getting Started

Getting Started

This section is provided as a reference section for hunters who are just starting out. The information contained is intended as a basic guide to help you get started. Some commonly asked questions are answered and suggestions are made.

There is more to learn about the outdoors and hunting than one could ever learn in a lifetime! Certainly, there is more than we could ever put into pages of your manual. Take this information and use it to build on.

We have provided some basic lists and lots of room for your notes. As your hunting experience increases; please add to your notes and records.

Good Luck, Good Hunting, and BE SAFE!


Getting off on the right foot is really important to the first time hunter. Sometimes, things don’t go well for a hunter and this is usually because of poor planning.

Now you have completed your basic study of Firearm Safety and Hunter Education and have the basic knowledge you need to start hunting. Before you go, though, there is some planning you need to do.

Think about...:

  • What do I want to hunt?
  • How do I want to hunt?
  • Where can I hunt?
  • What equipment will I need?
  • Do I have or can I get the equipment I need?