Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


Landowner Relations

Landowner Relations

Landowner Introduction Cards

In addition to the discussion we ad in Module 14, you might want to make up some business cards with your name, address, phone numbers, vehicle descriptions, etc. that you can hand to the landowner when you are making first contact.  Sometimes, landowners feel much better about allowing a stranger access if that stranger is willing to provide the “where I live” information.  This process tells the landowner that you are responsible and that you are not likely to create problems.

Dealing with “No!”

Sometimes it is very difficult for the first time hunter to approach landowners.  This can become even worse if the first words you hear are “no” or you end up on the receiving end of a landowners frustration from past experiences with hunters.

Remember first and foremost, it is the landowners right to allow or deny you permission.  If the answer is no, thank him/her for their time and do not get discouraged.  The landowner probably has good reason not to allow hunters on the land.

If you find yourself getting a lecture because of a previous hunter’s abuses, do not take it personally!  Listen to what the landowner is saying because you can bet he/she will be telling you about something you certainly do not want to be doing yourself.  Do not get into an argument because remember, the landowner has a right to say no to you.  Once you have heard the discussion through, thank the landowner for the time, do not get discouraged and move on.

If you listen closely, you might find an opportunity to right some wrongs.  For example, if the landowner is really unhappy because somebody cut fences to get from one area to another, your offer to help fix the fences might be just what it takes to help the landowner relations back on track.

Hunters should work with and respect landowners.  For the first time hunters, do not let yourself get discouraged.  If you treat the landowners properly, you will find opportunities open up for you.  It all begins with you!