Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


What do I want to hunt?

In Saskatchewan, we are very fortunate to have hunting opportunities for a wide variety of game animals.  Here are some things you might want to know.

Migratory Birds

Migratory Birds

  • action is often fast paced for short intervals with long waits in between flights
  • good hunters will develop excellent identification skills
  • hunting is usually a setup and wait situation so scouting and preparation are keys to success
  • often requires very early morning trips and cold waits in blinds
  • best suited to morning and evening hunting

Upland Birds

Upland Birds

  • action is very exciting as many  upland birds do not flush until you are very close
  • requires excellent identification skills
  • much time is spent walking through brush and grass or on forest trails.
  • the hunter is mobile, you go to the game.
  • hunting is often best during the morning and evening but good success can be had all day for most upland birds
  • upland bird hunting is an excellent starter trip for first-time hunters

Medium Sized Big Game (Deer, Antelope)

Medium Sized Big Game

  • large populations offer excellent opportunities for the prepared hunter
  • provides widest variety of hunting-method opportunities (spot and stalk, sit and wait still-hunting, drives etc.)
  • wide distribution (particularly whitetail deer) offers most residents good access close to home
  • hunters usually see lots of game
  • requires good identification skills

Large Big Game Animals (Moose, Elk)

Large Big Game

  • usually requires more preparation and planning
  • excellent opportunities but usually animals require more effort to locate
  • requires more and larger equipment to look after downed animals
  • because of the terrain and remoteness of habitat for most large animals, a good hunter is well versed in orienteering and survival skills
  • hunters often spend long periods of time without an opportunity to harvest an animal, but when the time comes it is very exciting