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Where can I hunt?

Where to hunt

Once you have decided, what you want to hunt you can then move on to where you will find the game you are looking for.  Depending on your circumstances, you might consider choosing game that inhabits an area closer to your home.  This can increase your time afield simply because it is easy and quick to get into the area.

In any case, proper preparation will enhance your experience afield and improve your chances of success.  To find the habitat and the game, you can start by inquiring to find out where you might possibly start.  Good sources of information are the Hunting and Trapping Guide, Conservation Officers and the Wildlife Branch of the Provincial Government.  If you have no idea where you might hunt the game of choice, you might want to start by looking in the Hunting and Trapping Guide.  If the current year’s edition is not yet available, get a previous year’s version.  For this stage, almost any copy of Hunting and Tapping guide will work.