Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


Where can I hunt?

Hunting Areas

Finding General Hunting Areas by Searching Hunting and Trapping guide

  1. Become familiar with the Wildlife Management Zones usually located in the centre of the guide.  This is a map of the province with the zone boundaries and numbers.
  2. Go to the Hunting Seasons section which details the season dates, bag limits and additional information for each zone by species.
  3. Look to see if zones you might be interested in have seasons for the species you want to hunt.
  4. Check the bag limits and additional information provided as it sometimes indicates what the population might be like.
  5. If you can find your species in the zone(s) of interest you’re well on your way.


Once you have determined the approximate area and confirmed there is a season for your species, it is time to check a little deeper and start to narrow down the choices.

This is where Conservation Officers and SE Wildlife Branch can be a big help.  Talk to them and see if you can locate specific areas that might hold good populations.

For Conservation Officers in your hunting area, you can contact them through the District Offices listed on the back of every hunting and Trapping Guide.

For the Wildlife Branch, you can contact them at:

SE Wildlife Branch
2nd Floor – 3211 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4S 5W6
Phone: (306-787-2314)

Do not hesitate to talk to fellow hunters.  These folks can usually be found at a meeting of the local branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation or at wild game suppers and fund-raisers.  These are often held in the late winter and early spring of the year.

Sometimes you will run into a hunter who seems reluctant to talk about where you should hunt.  (Remember, they do not want to give away their special spots.)  But, keep trying.  Most hunters will be happy to assist you in finding a spot to start hunting.

Just remember, when the time comes for you to help a first timer, pass on the tradition by helping him/her out.