Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


Chapter Summary

Being a safe hunter is about more than just obeying the rules of firearm safety. You should employ safe hunting practices in any type of hunting that you participate in.

Blaze Orange
  • Always wear a complete outer suit of blaze orange, scarlet, bright yellow, or white: or any combination of these colours, from the waist up. Coloured vests are also now accepted for hunting in Saskatchewan.
  • When crossing a fence or other obstacle, whether alone or with someone else, the first thing any hunter should do is unload the firearm. Leave the action open.
  • Using hunting dogs is quite effective when hunting small game or waterfowl. Never keep a hunting dog on a tether or leash when hunting. Treat the dog as a fellow hunter - never point the muzzle in their direction. Remember that dogs can experience heat exhaustion and hypothermia, just like humans.