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What to Wear in a Hunting Area

Changes to Dress Requirements for Big Game Rifle Hunters

Blaze Orange Vest

The Wildlife Regulations now allow big game hunters to wear a vest (an outer garment that covers the upper torso) coloured scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange or white. The vest can be a single allowed colour or any combination of the allowed colours. This replaces the previous requirements of a full outer suit from the waist up. In addition to a vest of the current colour options, hunters will be able to wear the high visibility safety vests or jackets that are widely used in the construction industry. These garments are typically bright green-yellow with the reflective bands. These colours are regulated by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and carry a label CAN/CSA Z96-02 Level 1. Hunters wearing vests with a CAN/CSA Z96-02 Level 1 label can be confident that they are conforming to this regulation.

The regulations have also been amended to allow hunters to wear commercially available garments or caps that include a small label or crest. This label or patch may not exceed 100 square centimetres or 15 square inches on the outer garment or 50 square centimetres or 7.8 square inches for headwear.

The headwear (cap or toque) colour requirement remains unchanged from scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange.

 Reference: Government of Saskatchewan 2014 

In Saskatchewan, big game hunters and those who accompany big game hunters are required by law to wear a vest or complete outer suit of scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange or white; or any combination of these colours; from the waist up. The hat may be any of these colours except white.

IMPORTANT! It is a violation to hunt big game with a rifle, hunt in a designated rifle-only season or accompany a rifle hunter without wearing a vest or outer suit from the waist up of scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange or white or any combination of these colours.


Camouflage orange is not accepted for hunting in Saskatchewan. An exception applies to bow hunters and black powder hunters during special archery muzzle-loading seasons.

Below are examples of colour combinations that meet Saskatchewan's requirements for hunting.



A complete outer suit of blaze orange provides the high visibility necessary for safe hunting. 


A complete outer suit of scarlet and blaze orange.   


A combination of bright yellow and scarlet, from the waist up.  


A combination of scarlet and white, from the waist up.