Saskatchewan Hunter Safety Course


Chapter Summary

The different hunting skills presented in this chapter should help pave your way to becoming a better marksman. Let's review these skills now.

Dominant Eye

  • All hunters should know which eye is their dominant eye. This is especially important in shotgun or archery hunting.


  • There are four different types of sights commonly used on firearms: Telescopic, aperture (or peep), open and shotgun bead. You should be able to identify them and the proper sight alignment for each.


  • Remember bullet trajectory. A rifle sighted at 50 yards will not have an accurate shot if the target is 100 yards away.

 Adjust Sights 

  • You should know how to properly adjust your sights. Always properly sight in your equipment before the hunt to ensure a clean and ethical "one-shot kill". These types of actions show respect for your quarry.


  • You should know the four different shooting positions and how to use them. Remember, rifle shooting accuracy can be improved by using a rifle rest whenever possible.


  • Patterning a shotgun is one of the fundamentals of safe shooting. You should be familiar with how to pattern your shotgun properly and safely.

  Lead shotgun  

  • Swing-through and sustained lead are two methods of leading a shotgun. In either case, the goal is to spread the shot in front of the moving target. Remember to follow through when taking a shot.