Tennessee Hunter Safety Course


Crossing a Fence Alone


Safe hunters always unload their firearms before crossing an obstacle, then they reload after the obstacle has been safely crossed.

Step 1.

If you are crossing a fence by yourself, unload your firearm first.


Step 2.

While protecting the muzzle from debris, place your firearm on the ground with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction away from where you plan to cross the fence.

Step 3.

Cross the fence away from the muzzle, retrieve your firearm, check the barrel for obstructions, load, engage the safety and continue your hunt.


Crossing a Fence With Another Person

Step 1.

If you are crossing a fence or other obstacle with another hunter, unload all firearms first. Hunters should stand back - to - back when unloading their firearms. Communicate with your hunting partner to let him or her know that the firearm is unloaded. Once both firearms are unloaded, pass your firearm to the other hunter with the action open and visible.


Step 2.

Once the second hunter is safely holding both firearms, the first hunter may cross the fence.

Step 3.

Once safely across, the unloaded firearms are handed to the hunter who has crossed the fence. The muzzle should always be pointed in a safe direction.

Step 4.

With the muzzles still pointing in a safe direction, the second hunter can now cross the fence.

Important! Hunters should always try to cross a fence at a post. The fence is stronger in this area, which reduces the chance of property damage or injury.



Now that you've crossed safely, load your firearm, engage the safety and continue your hunt.