Texas Adult Hunter Safety Course


Loading and Firing a Flintlock Muzzleloader

Start by loading both the pre-measured main charge and projectile in the muzzle end of the barrel.

Pull the hammer to a half-cocked position and fill the flash pan with primer powder. When the flash pan is full, you pivot the frizzen down and on top of the primer.

The frizzen is held in place by spring tension to keep the primer powder from falling out. It also seals it from the elements. The hammer is pulled back manually and locked in the fire position. When it is released, the flint makes contact with the frizzen, creating a shower of sparks. This causes the priming powder to start to burn. This fire travels through the touch hole, igniting the main powder charge.

Prepare to be impressed! The pressure of the burning main charge sends the projectile down the barrel and out to its intended target. And it does so with an impressive display of smoke and firepower.