Utah Hunter Safety Course


The 10 Rules of Firearm Safety

Check the Barrel for Obstructions

When debris gets into a barrel of any firearm, it is a condition referred to as an obstruction. It blocks the path of the bullet and can cause injury to you or to your firearm. If you suspect that your barrel has an obstruction, unload the firearm and clean the barrel with a cleaning jag.

Keep the Action Open

When traveling by vehicle to or from your hunting spot, always keep the action open on your firearm. Also, make sure your firearm is unloaded and in a protective case. Keep the action open while walking to your stand or hunting location. Only when you are ready to start hunting should you load your firearm, at which point you must also engage the mechanical safety.

Only point the muzzle at something when you intend to take a shot

Never joke around with a firearm. Never use the scope on your firearm as binoculars and always maintain control over the direction that your firearm is pointing. Do not use the barrel of your firearm as a pointer for giving someone directions.

Unload before jumping, running, or climbing

NEVER jump over a ditch, or climb a tree or fence with a loaded firearm. When pulling a firearm toward you, never pull it by the muzzle end. Once you have finished climbing or crossing, make sure to inspect the firearm to ensure it was not damaged in any way before reloading.

Important! Always store firearms separately and securely, away from both children and careless adults.


Safety First! Never consume alcohol before or while you handle a firearm. Avoid legal and illegal drugs that can alter your behavior and mental status as well.