West Virginia Hunter Safety Course


Small Game (small mammals)

Small game animals usually have a shorter life span than big game. They will give birth at least once a year, and give birth to more offspring at a time. In most cases it is nearly impossible to tell the males of the species from females. This category is very diverse, and includes animals such as rabbits, squirrels, fox and bobcat, to name a few. Small game animals can be found in almost any type of habitat, including highly-urbanized areas.

Small game hunters will learn to notice and distinguish the game animal’s tracks. Bag limits for small game animals are typically much higher than for big game. Always consult local regulations to determine which animal can be legally hunted, seasons and bag limits.

Migratory Waterfowl


Ducks and geese are examples of migratory waterfowl. These are birds who live on and near the water and migrate south during colder months. Migratory waterfowl hunting usually requires a special “migratory waterfowl stamp” to do so. As always, consult local regulations for migratory waterfowl hunting in your area. Note that there are many species of waterfowl that are protected by law.