West Virginia Hunter Safety Course


Bow Styles

Compound Bow

This is the bow of choice for a majority of archery hunters. Using wheels and cams, it allows the hunter to hold the bow at full draw for a longer period of time for the best shot - a significant advantage over other bow styles. As the hunter begins to draw the bow, the string starts to turn the wheel and cam that is attached to the bow limbs. The hunter pulls the full draw weight until the cam turns over, letting off the full draw weight. When the cam turns over, the draw weight is decreased by 50 to 80%. This decrease in draw weight, achieved by the cam turning over, allows the hunter to hold less draw weight at full draw. There are add-ons to help reduce the effects of vibration - a common drawback of this style of bow.

1. Stabilizer

Adding a stabilizer adds forward weight, to balance the bow and absorb the vibrations when the string is released.

2. Sight

A mechanical device to help the archer to place a shot.

3. Arrow Rest

A device that holds the arrow above the arrow shelf.

4. Vibration Dampener

Will help absorb vibration caused when firing the bow. Will also help reduce shock and excess noise.