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Retrieving a Game Bird

Retrieving a game bird

Once a bird has been shot in the air, it can fall to the ground in an unpredictable path. Furthermore, a hunter's perspective can change as he or she moves closer toward the bird, making it even harder to find.

It is the hunter's responsibility to find any animal that was shot down, even if this animal is difficult to find. Hunting dogs (such as retrievers) are perfect for this type of task, and are very adept at sniffing out the bird, regardless of where it might have dropped. Once the dog is released, it will quickly find the bird and bring it back to the hunter without damaging the bird.

If you do not have a dog for the hunt, keep a close eye on the bird as it falls to the ground, and try to identify a landmark so that you can find it more easily. There is no need to run toward the bird as soon as it hits the ground. Instead, take your time and approach it carefully.