Wisconsin Hunter Safety Course


Chapter 2: Know Your Handguns


A handgunFirearm that is held in the hunter's hands (not braced against the shoulder) when fired. is a very effective and challenging firearm to use for hunting. Though they have similar parts to rifles, handguns have a much shorter barrelTube-shaped part of a firearm through which ammunition is shot, which makes proper shot placementThe act of successfully and consistently getting a shot to hit an intended target. much more difficult. This calls for added patience when using this firearm for hunting. The shorter barrel also calls for added caution - always be sure the muzzleThe opening in a barrel where ammunition exits after being fired. is pointed in a safe direction!

Like rifles, handguns are available in different actionConsists of a series of parts that load, fire and eject a cartridge or shot shell from a firearm. types. In this chapter we will explore the more popular handgun actions. 

Important! Before heading out into the field with your firearm, be sure you check local regulations on the use of handguns for hunting.